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  1. Coming Soon – Deidox | Johnny

    We are excited about our upcoming film, “Johnny” which was produced in partnership with World Relief.  The film is about a man who faces the reality of how he has invested his time over the years and the decision he has made to change directions with his life.  It is a film that we hope will challenge all of us to consider how we can be investing in what God wants, not what we want.


    Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) documentary film production and distribution company.  Our mission is to produce documentary films that help the Church reflect Christ and redeem culture.  

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  2. “Joy” – Behind the scenes video

    Last week we launched our latest short film, Deidox | Joy.  We produced this film in partnership with The Ogilve Institute of Preaching at Fuller Theological Seminary.  We spent a week just outside Sacramento, CA following Dr. Joy Johnson of Life Matters and her team as they served their neighbors.  Here is a little “behind the scenes” video that was produced by Nathan Blank.

    Our mission at Deidox Films is to produce documentary films that help the Church reflect Christ and redeem culture.

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  3. Looking for New Team Members

    The work of Deidox Films could not happen without the support of a lot of people.  Below are a few ways to join the Deidox Family:

    Volunteer-page-bannersWe are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following: Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Customer relations, Data Management, Production Assistants, Legal advice & services, Filmmaking. We’re based in Austin but also have some contributions that can be done from afar. Contact us to get involved.

    Donate-bannerProducing and distributing high quality video content cost money.  Therefore, we are always looking for financial supporters to join our team.  We accept donations on-line, check by mail and gift in kind contributions.  Click here for more information.

    UsethefilmsIf you are a Pastor or ministry leader the best way to help is by purchasing and using our short films.  We also encourage you to consider becoming a yearly subscriber to our short films by becoming a Deidox Unlimited Member.  

    filmmaker-oppsDeidox Films is always on the lookout for talented individuals who we can hire to make great art that explores faith. We value working hard with what you’ve been given, and we are all “learners” on the journey.


    Deidox Films is looking for talented and motivated Cinematographers to shoot high quality documentary stories for Deidox Shorts and Deidox Features. We hire cinematographers on a per project basis.

    The ideal candidates will have experience in verité camerawork. They are able to capture the story while still making it look good in the process. They are able to film scenes, not just scattered b-roll.


    Deidox Films Cinematographers will:

    • Travel and live on location for the shoot.
    • Collaborate with a director and producer to capture the story and make it look great.
    • Operate camera with their Verité skills. Our work is 75% following people around and filming in-the-moment with your instincts/skills.
    • Perform basic documentary DIT work. Dumping footage after a day’s work. Making sure it is backed up.
    • Conceive innovative storytelling approaches to further Deidox Films’ mission.


    The successful applicant should have:

    • Experience shooting documentaries in a verité style.
    • A passion for great stories and great images.
    • Ability to collaborate with a diverse team.
    • Understanding of what makes a scene and ability to film scenes.
    • Know camera technology enough to make it work. Our optimal verité crew size does not allow for a 1st AC. You must be able to set up and operate your camera, troubleshooting as needed. Sound will sometimes go into your camera, sometimes it won’t. Must be ok with both setups.
    • Ability to self-manage and meet time deadlines.
    • Ability to work virtually and to travel as necessary.
    • Knowledge of FCPx or Bulletproof a plus.
    • Ability to act appropriately around sensative situations.

    How to Apply

    Email a resume and samples of work to

    For the work samples, what do we want to see? Completed videos/films, not just a demo reel. Demo reels are not that interesting to us. Everyone can make a pretty demo reel. We are interested in your documentary camera capabilities as it relates to telling a story. Can you capture a scene as it’s happening? Can you make it look good in the process?

  4. * UPDATED – Want to see a film about addiction? Vote to make it happen

    We’re on track to make a Deidox film about addiction, but we need your help. Vote to help us win a contest and make it happen.

    Over the years, our founding team members have formed a significant relationship with Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, a fantastic ministry that includes a recovery program. Drugs. Sex. You name it, their recovery program helps. We want to film a new Deidox project at URM. URM wants us to do it too. And then along came a contest that will help make it happen.

    Vote for our project, Threshold, here. Just click vote. It takes less than ten seconds. (And say a prayer!)

    Then, if you really, really, really want the film made, tell your friends to vote too.

    ***UPDATE*** 09/18/14 – THE CONTEST IS OVER.  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND INTEREST. We are currently in pre-production on two (yes 2!) projects that deal with recovery and addiction. One is a short film and one is a feature length film. We’ll keep you posted as the projects progress.

  5. New Film Coming This Week – God’s Provision in Haiti (Premium Sermon Illustration Video)

    We are excited to announce our latest Deidox short film will be launched on Thursday, July 17. Filmed on location in Haiti, Jean Marc is a teenager who desperately sought God’s provision in the midst of dire circumstances. This is a premium sermon illustration video made specifically for pastors and church leaders to model faith as they make disciples.

    Here’s a trailer for the “Jean Marc” short film:


    • Starting on Thursday, July 17, the short film will be available to view & download for use in your ministry.
    • Jean Marc’s film was produced in partnership with Mission of Hope: Haiti.

    If you’re a member of Deidox Unlimited the film will be available in your account on Thursday as well.

    Coming soon, a Christian documentary film about struggle


    Deidox Films is a non-profit organization that exists to serve pastors and churches by providing cinematic sermon illustration videos that model the faith of modern day disciples. When paired with the Biblical teaching of a skilled ministry leader and the guidance of the Holy Spirit the combination is exciting and powerful. We make these films to help the church reflect Christ and redeem culture. Use these video illustrations of faith in your church service, leadership development, small group, or non-profit organization.

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  6. Coming Soon – Joy – The Impact of Prayer & Presence (Premium Sermon Illustration Video)

    Coming soon, “Joy”, a documentary film about the impact of consistent prayer and presence on a community. Some would refer to it as incarnational ministry. Joy might call it necessity.

    Sermon illustration video on incarnational ministry, coming soon

    We have several new Deidox short films coming out over the next few months. The short documentaries are being made especially for pastors and church leaders to use as sermon illustration videos. That’s what we’re passionate about.

    SYNOPSIS: “What constitutes “success” in serving God? Meet Joy, a Christian in an at-risk area of Sacramento, California. Before her ministry began, Joy and her team prayed for 52 weeks. “Prayer has gotten us everywhere we’ve been,” remarks Joy. Watch as she and her team move in the power of prayer, finding the strength to stay and to minister “up close and personal,” just as Christ did.”

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  7. New short film coming soon – Jean Marc

    Coming soon, “Jean Marc”, a documentary film about experiencing God’s provision.


    We have several new Deidox short films coming out over the next few months. As a new Deidox short film, these videos are being made specifically for pastors and church leaders to use as sermon illustration videos.

    SYNOPSIS: “If someone comes to me and tells me it’s hopeless, I’ll understand because I’ve been through it,” says Jean Marc, a seventeen-year old Haitian orphan who lost his mom at the age of ten. Where do you find hope and purpose for life’s journey? Watch as Jean Marc finds strength in God’s providence, testifying that “it is from the struggles of life that we grow.”

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  8. 4 Big Changes at Deidox to Help Ministries Make Disciples

    Friends! We’re back! And by “back” we mean there have been some significant changes with Deidox. We want to highlight 4 of the changes:

    1. We have a new website

    After years of lessons and six months of hard coding our new website is ready to go. Here’s a quick walkthrough, or go check out the site yourself.

    2. Our mission has been refined in the fire:

    We exist to help the church make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. We do this by producing documentary films that model the faith of modern day disciples.

    The challenge for church leaders today is not very different from the challenge Jesus faced in his ministry: How do you make disciples? Similarly, the challenge for individual Christians today is: how do you live out faith in everyday life? Jesus made disciples by not only teaching but also allowing them to follow him around every day. He modeled faith in everyday life so that they could go and imitate him. The unfortunate reality is that the main way Jesus taught discipleship is largely absent in the church today, which is putting ministry leaders in a difficult position when making disciples. The church need more tools for modeling faith. Through video, the church can once again follow and imitate mature disciples.

    We are striving to see faith lived out. There are plenty of videos where people talk about faith. We want to actually see faith happen in front of the camera. It’s a harder mission, but one we know to be worth it.

    3. A lot of new films are coming

    We have four new films (4!) currently in production. The first film was produced in Haiti and is about a man named “Jean Marc” who has a life similar to the stories in the Bible of Joseph and David. We’ll be posting updates here as well as via our email list and on social media sites.

    4. Lord willing, Deidox will be a full-time ministry this year

    Deidox has been a side project for us at Chronicle Project the last five years, using our extra finances (well, “extra” is debatable with our wives) and extra time between client projects to produce the types of films we felt God was calling us to make. And God provided in great ways over those five years. But, in the last year we have felt God’s prompting to give Deidox Films as much attention as we can. So, over the next year we hope to begin hiring our first full-time staff to produce as many Deidox ministry tools as we can. Lord willing that’s only the beginning of an exciting Deidox journey. (Btw, Deidox is an acting non-profit organization so if you know anyone who wants to help fund films or support our ministry we’d love to talk to them!)

  9. That’s a Wrap! New film for pastors coming soon.

    The Deidox team films a new sermon illustration for pastors and church leadersWe’re thrilled. Last week we filmed on a new Deidox short for pastors and church leaders. Production took place in Sacramento, CA. Our four days of filming (see also: following someone with a camera) taught us some valuable and exciting lessons about what it looks like to be a disciple. We’re now sorting through hours of footage and pages of transcripts to put together a 4-5 minute film that we pray communicates what we learned.

    It’s a little too early to talk about what the piece will become as these things often become clear in the editing room… but we can share that we left Sacramento with a great personal conviction that prayer is an area we can grow in.

    New film(s) coming soon.
    New website coming soon.
    Stay tuned.

  10. A quick update from the Deidox team

    Offices for the christian documentary film company Deidox We’ve been working over the last year on “where we’ve been” and “where we want to go”, filling the office chalkboard over and over with plans and possibilities. The time has brought a clarified focus (“Documenting Modern Day Disciples”), a reaffirming to serve pastors with stories, and a plan for 2014 to be a big year at Deidox, Lord willing. You may or may not know, but Deidox has been a passion project / side work-for-free project for myself (Brent Gudgel) and Dave Mahanes. After much prayer, discussion, and guidance from trusted advisers we are exploring making Deidox a more substantial part of our time starting in 2014. We can’t fully talk about the changes yet… but they include more partnering with non-profits, more donor funding opportunities, more filmmakers, and a lot more films. We’d love your prayers for God’s guidance and blessing on the next stage of Deidox. Also, if you’re a church leader who participated in our customer survey we want to say “Thank You!” The feedback was super helpful. And congrats to Wess Daniels, a pastor in Oregon, for winning the iPad drawing. More soon… in Him, Brent Gudgel
  11. Help Officer Deon. Vote Now!

    Anyone who has see our story Deon knows the incredible work that Officer Joseph is doing on behalf of the people living on Skid Row. He is a great representation of Christ in the world.

    Recently, Deon has been nominated for an award at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. He is one of 5 contestants who will be honored for their work with communities across America. Let’s help Deon win this award! Here’s how:

    Go to
    Vote For Deon Joseph

    Please share with your friends. You can vote once a day ’til June 9th.

    If you haven’t seen the short film we did on Deon, then check it out here.

  12. Deon screened at Verge 2013

    Deon, the story of a Los Angeles Police Officer working in one of the roughest areas of the country, was screened at this year’s Verge Conference. It’s always encouraging for us to watch the film and see the impact it has on a live audience. We got some great feedback from the attendees. If you haven’t seen the film yet, check it out here.
    What is Verge? An advocate and champion for movements of gospel-centered Missional Communities, Verge Network exists for church leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, urban innovators, business leaders, community development specialists, non-profit leaders, church planters and everyday leaders – anyone pursuing the mission of God, in community, whatever the context, for the sake of the Gospel. Verge is for everyday people and leaders who are pursuing the mission of God with the gospel in their context. Verge leaders and churches are engaged in the mission of God, centered around the gospel, in community, and understand the value of staying connected.
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