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Short Films for Pastors

Documenting Modern Day Disciples

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Deidox short films can be used by Churches, Small Groups, Youth Groups, Schools, and NGOs.  They’re digital downloads; $20/film or $150 for all the films.  On purchase you’ll get an account so you can download your films at any time.  (For more information about licenses, click here).

$100: Lifetime Subscription
$100: Lifetime Subscription
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  • Ludmilla


    An elderly Czech woman who lives at the “Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
    [Czech Republic, 4:58]

  • Alyssa


    A blind teenager shows us what it means to live by faith.
    [USA, 4:37]

  • Deon


    Story of a police officer in one of the most dangerous places in the country.
    [USA, 4:13]

  • Lindsay


    A young teacher demonstrates unconditional love.
    [USA, 5:00]

  • Murat


    The story of a shepherd living in a Muslim village.
    [Central Asia, 4:38]

  • Ivey Family

    Ivey Family

    A family is united with their adopted son after the Haiti earthquake.
    [Haiti & USA, 5:00] Blogs

  • Pii Chui

    Pii Chui

    A Burmese refugee who finds a strength that can only come from God.
    [Thailand, 4:45]

  • Li Yang

    Li Yang

    A personal story of how the gospel is spreading in China.
    [China, 4:40]

  • Robert


    A small-town doctor struggles with the consequences of following his conscience.
    [USA, 4:57]

  • Dawn


    A look at one of the most overlooked jobs in America… motherhood.
    [USA, 4:50]

  • Por


    A teenager pursuing her faith in Thailand, a country where most everyone is Buddhist.
    [Thailand, 4:45] Blog Posts

  • Kimberly


    Does our work matter to God? The story of how one woman integrates her faith into work.
    [USA, 4:45] Blog Posts