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Modeling faith through film


  • “A great depiction of following Jesus outside of Sunday mornings.”
    Josh Benforado - Pastor at White Oak Christian Church
  • “Some of the best storytellers available for the church today.”
    Joe Brown - Pastor
  • “The current length is ideal. So versatile.”
    Rebecca Hernandez - Baptist Student Ministry at Texas A&M
  • “These films really engage a generation that is looking for authentic faith.”
    Bill Heider - Pastor at Crossroads Church
  • “Helped us begin to live missionally in our city.”
    Tedd Jordan - Pastor at New Life Fellowship
  • “Real people. Real struggles. No cheese.”
    Nick Ostermann - Pastor at The City Church
  • “People talk about them for weeks any time they are shown.”
    Kenneth Gracia - Evergreen Community Church
  • “I love showing them in our church service.”
    Samuel Pawlak - Pastor at God’s House Orlando

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