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General Questions


I have a “Deidox Unlimited” account, but the download isn’t showing up.
Deidox Unlimited allows members access to ALL the Deidox short films. If however a film page shows a purchase button rather than a download button, there are two quick fixes… In most cases this can be solved by either (1) refreshing your web browser or (2) clearing your browser cache. First, try reloading the film web page with that should have the download link but instead shows a purchase button. That should work. If not, try following the instructions on this website to refresh your cache. Again, yes, you own the film already… sometimes web browsers just like to show what happened a few weeks ago rather than what should be showing up today.
How do I download films?
Films are available for download once a license has been purchased. Here’s a quick walkthrough:
How long will it take to download a file?
The Deidox short films were encoded at the highest possible quality while keeping their size small enough to download.  A download could take 15 minutes depending on your internet connection. (Please Note: if you have a 14.4 kbit/s dialup modem, the download will probably take days or weeks. This is not advisable.)
How do I open a zip file?
Once your file has finished downloading, double click on it and your computer should open it automatically.  If not, you may need to download one of the free programs listed below: 1. Stuffit Expander – PC & Apple – 2. Winzip – PC only –
I have downloaded a video, why won’t it play correctly in my player?

Try updating your media player to the most current version. If that doesn’t work, try one of these players: Quicktime VLC Media Player Windows Media Player.

How do I access my download links?

After completing the payment process a link is provided for the download. This account link is also sent to the email address you provided during the purchase process.  Or, simply navigate to the page of the film you purchased and you will now see a download button on the right side. You can download your film(s) by accessing your account at any time by logging in through the “Account” link on the top of the website.


What format are the short films available in?
The videos are available in 2 file formats: ( 1) MPEG – this is a very universal file format. MPEG most likely works in your computer’s default media player. (2) MOV – This is Quicktime’s high resolution, H.264 file format. We offer films in HD MOV resolution. You must have Quicktime 7.0.1 or later to play this file, which is available for free at
What is the resolution of your short films?
We offer 2 versions of the short films depending on use of the product: 1. SD version is 800×600 which is what most church projectors use. HD version is either 1960×1080 or 1280×720, depending on what year the film is produced. All new films are full 1080p HD.
Will your videos work with the presentation software I use at my church?
We encode our media into formats that can be played in the most popular presentation programs used by churches today. If you’re looking for a program to use, we suggest the following as starting places for your search:  LiveWorship – PC & Apple  MediaShout – PC only  ProPresenter – Apple only


What rights do I have to the media I purchase?
Purchasing a License for a Deidox Film allows customers to screen the film(s) to their ministries and other groups (e.g. churches, youth groups, schools, and other organizations). With this license customers are free to screen the videos in front of groups; but, you cannot broadcast any of our products on television, the internet, or use them in other films without written permission from Deidox Films. You may not duplicate them or burn DVDs without written consent from Deidox Films. Please contact us for special rates if you would like to make duplicated copies available to your congregation or group. Please do not share or screen the film to groups groups without the appropriate license.  The posting of these videos on social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, Godtube, and Vimeo is strictly prohibited. Deidox Films holds all copyrights to anything purchased or downloaded from our site.  Please carefully review the Terms and Agreements before making your purchase.  If you have any questions regarding this issue contact us.
Can I make copies of the films I download i.e. for small groups in my church to use?
Contact us and we’d be happy to make this happen. If you’re a normal size church it should be the same price as screening on a sunday. If you’re a large church then a special licenses will be required. Please contact us for more information.
Can I call to place an order?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide an opportunity to order over the phone. All of our orders are done through digital downloads purchased through the Deidox website. If you have a special request you can contact us.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express, using one of the most trusted online payment processors, Stripe.
My credit card was denied, what do I do?
Check the following:  1. Make sure that you enter the right card number.  2. Make sure you are entering the right security code found on the back of your card.  3. Make sure your card hasn’t expired.  4. Make sure that the billing address entered is the same as the one in your account.  If all this doesn’t work, try a different card. If you are still having difficulty downloading you purchase, we’re sorry for the frustration and please contact us.

General Questions

How can I contact Deidox?
The best way to contact us is by sending us a message via our contact page.
Do you accept story ideas?
YES! We are always searching for stories to tell. If you have an idea or lead, please submit it via our Idea Submission page.
Can I fund or commission you to do a film?
YES! Deidox Films is a non-profit organization. All of our films are produced through the generosity of donors who have a passion for the church, the arts, and sometimes even specific themes that they’d like to see a film cover.
Why do you charge for these videos?
Our hope is that the creation of high quality short films about an active God can be a self-sustaining process rather than relying on donations. The goal is that the sale of these Deidox films will allow us to make more Deidox films in the future. At first we considered doing Deidox as a non-profit undertaking, but felt that ultimately if we are going to be able to make dozens of films then it makes more sense to charge for the Deidox short films.
How many Deidox shorts do you hope to do?
We would love to tell as many of these stories as possible.  These are the types of stories we’re passionate about finding and telling. Lord willing, over the next year we will transition into a steady stream of new Deidox films now that it has become a non-profit organization with the full-time focus of our staff.
Where does your funding come from?

Initially it was from a saint. (A private investor who believed in the Deidox vision.) Currently, funding comes generous donations from patrons of the arts who want to see more of these types of films produced and distributed to places where they make an impact.

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