Are you a fan of Deidox?

We now have a total of 12 Deidox film completed.  It’s our hope that these films have been challenging and inspiring to all our fans.  The feedback from Pastors, small group leaders and individuals is extremely encouraging and we appreciate all the kind words.

Our goal is to continue telling more of these stories and there is a way that YOU can help us.  We just created a Deidox Lifetime bundle for individuals.   For $35 you can own all the Deidox short films and any future films we produce.  This is a great way for you to have the films on your mobile phone, iPad, or personal computer.  It’s also a great way to support us and help us tell more stories.

If you are a Pastor or large group leader, you can also purchase a Pastor bundle and save over 35% on the films.  For the Group License click here.

Thanks again to all our Fans!!!

Deidox [Individual Bundle] from Deidox on Vimeo.

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