"Deidox | Li" production complete (in China!)


Exciting news… We just wrapped production on our fifth film, “Deidox | Li”, which takes place in China. Yes, you read that right…

The fifth Deidox film takes place within the underground church in China.

Calling the film shoot “exciting” would be an understatement. The trip was full of ups and downs (and sidesteps) where the Lord took us on a Deidox journey of our own as we discovered the story we felt God wanted us to tell. It’s a bit too early to say more, but rest assured that further details will be coming in the next few months. We’re editing now, but post production on this film may take a bit longer because of sensitivities and security concerns. That being said, we’re hoping to release “Deidox | Li” in late September or early October.

For now, shoot up a prayer for us as we’re editing, and enjoy this Chinese sign.


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  • http://Artisanwarriors.com Artisanwarrior

    Amazing man. So glad you are showing what God is doing around the world, not just locally. Can’t wait to see it

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  • Iheartdox

    Loving the documentaries guys,
    i’d be interested in knowing if the directors and producers are keen to take on a project in Australia. I’m in the industry and I’d like to help.

  • brent

    Hey Iheartdox. Yeah we’d definitely be interested in doing something in Australia. Shoot us an email through the website contact section. It’ll get to us.

    (Btw, sorry for the delay in responding. Just saw the comment today.)