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That’s a Wrap! New film for pastors coming soon.

The Deidox team films a new sermon illustration for pastors and church leadersWe’re thrilled. Last week we filmed on a new Deidox short for pastors and church leaders. Production took place in Sacramento, CA. Our four days of filming (see also: following someone with a camera) taught us some valuable and exciting lessons about what it looks like to be a disciple. We’re now sorting through hours of footage and pages of transcripts to put together a 4-5 minute film that we pray communicates what we learned.

It’s a little too early to talk about what the piece will become as these things often become clear in the editing room… but we can share that we left Sacramento with a great personal conviction that prayer is an area we can grow in.

New film(s) coming soon.
New website coming soon.
Stay tuned.


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A quick update from the Deidox team

Offices for the christian documentary film company Deidox
We’ve been working over the last year on “where we’ve been” and “where we want to go”, filling the office chalkboard over and over with plans and possibilities. The time has brought a clarified focus (“Documenting Modern Day Disciples”), a reaffirming to serve pastors with stories, and a plan for 2014 to be a big year at Deidox, Lord willing.

You may or may not know, but Deidox has been a passion project / side work-for-free project for myself (Brent Gudgel) and Dave Mahanes. After much prayer, discussion, and guidance from trusted advisers we are exploring making Deidox a more substantial part of our time starting in 2014. We can’t fully talk about the changes yet… but they include more partnering with non-profits, more donor funding opportunities, more filmmakers, and a lot more films.

We’d love your prayers for God’s guidance and blessing on the next stage of Deidox.

Also, if you’re a church leader who participated in our customer survey we want to say “Thank You!” The feedback was super helpful. And congrats to Wess Daniels, a pastor in Oregon, for winning the iPad drawing.

More soon…

in Him,
Brent Gudgel

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Help Officer Deon. Vote Now!

Anyone who has see our story Deidox|Deon knows the incredible work that Officer Joseph is doing on behalf of the people living on Skid Row.  He is a great representation of Christ in the world.

Recently, Deon has been nominated for an award at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis.  He is one of 5 contestants who will be honored for their work with communities across America.  Let’s help Deon win this award!  Here’s how:

Go to
Vote For Deon Joseph

Please share with your friends.  You can vote once a day till June 9th.

If you haven’t seen the short film we did on Deon, then check it out here.


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Deidox | Deon screened at Verge 2013

Deidox | Deon, the story of a Los Angeles Police Officer working in one of the roughest areas of the country, was screened at this years Verge Conference.  It’s always encouraging for us to watch the film and see the impact it has on a live audience.  We got some great feedback from the attendees.  If you haven’t seen the film yet, check it out here.

What is Verge?
An advocate and champion for movements of gospel-centered Missional Communities, Verge Network exists for church leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, urban innovators, business leaders, community development specialists, non-profit leaders, church planters and everyday leaders – anyone pursuing the mission of God, in community, whatever the context, for the sake of the Gospel.

Verge is for everyday people and leaders who are pursuing the mission of God with the gospel in their context. Verge leaders and churches are engaged in the mission of God, centered around the gospel, in community, and understand the value of staying connected.

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Are you a fan of Deidox?

We now have a total of 12 Deidox film completed.  It’s our hope that these films have been challenging and inspiring to all our fans.  The feedback from Pastors, small group leaders and individuals is extremely encouraging and we appreciate all the kind words.

Our goal is to continue telling more of these stories and there is a way that YOU can help us.  We just created a Deidox Lifetime bundle for individuals.   For $35 you can own all the Deidox short films and any future films we produce.  This is a great way for you to have the films on your mobile phone, iPad, or personal computer.  It’s also a great way to support us and help us tell more stories.

If you are a Pastor or large group leader, you can also purchase a Pastor bundle and save over 35% on the films.  For the Group License click here.

Thanks again to all our Fans!!!

Deidox [Individual Bundle] from Deidox on Vimeo.

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New Deidox Film – Murat

Our newest Deidox film is out today!  Filmed on location in central Asia, Deidox | Murat is a personal story of a local shepherd who is demonstrating God’s love to his community.  “Murat” was the third Deidox film produced through the Deidox Development Lab in partnership with Tim Chew & Gratis 7 Media Group.

You can view and download the new film here.

Tim Chew is a versatile filmmaker who is passionate about cinematic storytelling through a variety of formats. He holds a degree in film production from the University of Texas and currently works in Austin as a cinematographer and director. Tim thrives in the meticulous process behind a camera while maintaining a firm focus on crafting poignant stories.

As a student, Tim directed his first documentary in Central Asia and since graduating in early 2012 has moved on to direct, produce, or shoot documentaries, commercials, short narratives, and music videos throughout the United States and in Brazil, Morocco, Kenya, and India.

Gratis 7 Media Group is a small non-profit (501c3) organization that produces media based on hope and purpose. We help organizations create movies and media that matter. We exist to tell compelling, entertainment stories that inspire people to help where there is need. Whether it’s feature films, documentary or short film series, Gratis 7 believes stories can penetrate our hearts and create enormous change.

NOTE: If you have a LIFETIME SUBCRIPTION to the Deidox films, just log into your account at and the film will be waiting there for you to view, download, and use within your ministry.

You can also find us at:
Facebook: facebook fan page
Twitter: @deidox

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