Written Reviews

“At $20/ea., the videos are comparable to most online short-form illustrative video price-wise, but I dare you to compare the quality. These are by-far some of the best-produced media for the Christian-community out there.” (Stevan Sheets, Shippensburg First Wesleyan Church)

“I have used several Deidox films as illustrations to my sermons.  Not only is the quality top notch, the impact on my congregation was fantastic.”  (Joe Brown, Hillside Church)

“I’ve used many of these films before with fantastic results, but last week their ‘Ivey Family’ film was especially helpful. Being a lifetime subscription member, I was able to recollect and download the film late saturday night during a “change my sermon at the last minute” cram session. The ease of downloading made it possible for our team to make a last minute change with no hassles. On sunday morning I used the film during my sermon and it helped the congregation make an much more powerful emotional connection to the topic.” (David Gudgel, Bridges Community Church)

“Think of Deidox… as short narrative-driven films featuring glimpses of the Kingdom at work in our midst. In other words, these are documentaries of the Missio Dei in action. Not only are they stories told through a great medium, but they display the power of the imagination when lead by God.” (C. Wess Daniels, Camas Friends Church)

“I showed the Lindsay video as a part of a sermon to bridge the gap of the gospel in written form and the gospel happening right in front of us. Many of the people in our church could relate to her story.  I wanted them to know Jesus still communicates His love today through us in simple tangible ways. It really challenged all of us to live out the gospel in our everyday lives.” (Trisha Wesltad, Marina Free Methodist Church)

“The pieces from Deidox are, simply put, amazing. The short films highlight God’s impact in one person’s life. While there are other short films/videos that tell someone’s story, these are different. The documentary, first-person style makes the storytelling so personal, so real.” (Greg Simmons, Palmetto Gatherings)

“One thing we know about the 20-something generation is that they are moved by story and especially stories of God being active.  The days of ministry simple doing using apologetics and propositional truths to share their message are largely over.  If your church wants to reach out effectively to this generation this might be a great resource to check out and see how it might foster interaction and discussion.” (Lars Rood – Director of Youth, Highland Park Presbyterian Church)